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Touch of Soul Massage Therapy knows that every

client is unique, and will seek out massage therapy

for many different reasons. With the information

gathered during an in-depth intake process, I am

able to mold and shape each massage session to fit

your specific needs and preferences.


I employ a variety of massage techniques to create your individualized experience, including:


Swedish Relaxation Massage
Melt away your stress.  Feel the tension just slip away as you experience a blissfully luxurious session, mixing a wonderful blend of Swedish massage techniques. Perfect if you really need to relax and let the stress and tension unwind from your body.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger points are often the primary cause of up to 95% of all muscle pain.  This massage technique involves applying pressure to these trigger points.  For example, applying the correct pressure to trigger points in the neck can help relieve chronic headaches.


Chair Massage
This specific massage is done in a special ergonomically-designed chair while addressing key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms.  Chair massage is a convenient and affordable option which allows people to experience the benefits of massage in a variety of locations, such as at home, work or special events.


Rates listed below are for In-Studio services.  All services include sales tax.


Individual Massage
   Personalized massage therapy to suit your needs. 

30 Min Customized Massage ................ $43


60 Min Full Body Massage .....................$65

90 Min Full Body Massage .....................$86

120 Min Full Body Massage ..................$120


*Rates for mobile massage services can be found under the appointments tab and then clicking "schedule now"





*New customers receive $25.00 off their first 60 minute or longer massage session!

Cash, check, credit*, and debit cards* accepted.


*Please note, a 3.5% convenience fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.

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Not sure what kind of massage to ask for? Don't worry. I will sit down with you before your first massage for a private consultation. We’ll talk about your unique needs and preferences and I’ll make specific recommendations so that you receive the best personalized massage possible.

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